Open U.P Σκελετός Gravel

€ 2.900,00
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Open U.P Σκελετός Gravel




  • With road tires, it is a very fast road bike
  • With big road/cross/gravel tires (32-40mm), it’s a go-anywhere bike perfect for mixed surface rides and most gravel routes
  • With 650b mountain bike tires, it's unstoppable on very tough terrain yet much faster on pavement than you'd expect thanks to the road position


So the position lets you get out of town and reach the gravel/dirt/trails quickly (unlike a mountain bike). Space for big tires lets you tackle any route (unlike a road bike). And you can do that with one type of tire for everything or finetune your ride with multiple wheelsets or tires.

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Frameset Price (Euro) 2.900 €  
Frame-only weight size M, ±3% 1.040g  
Fork-only weight,, ±3% 390g  
Sizes S/M/L/XL  
Stock colors Green, Blue, RTP  
RTP( Ready-to-paint)
A clearcoat is not needed for UV protection but recommended to protect against scratches and wear. Some customers leave the frame bare.
BB standard
BB386EVO pressfit 86.5x46mm BB shell
Recommended groupsets
For serious gravel and off-road (on any brand of bike), we recommend a rear derailleur with a clutch or cage damper (Shimano GRX (1x & 2x), SRAM Force AXS & Red AXS (1x & 2x), SRAM Apex1, Rival1, Force1)
Shimano crank fit
All road cranks
SRAM crank fit
All GXP road, all DUB road, Force 1 BB30
Powercrank fit
Detailed information here
Front derailleur mount
Bolt-on, removable
Recommended ring shape
Flat (for example Wolftooth)
Maximum 1x ring size
Clearance depends on crank & chainring model. 2mm space is required. For most current generation cranks, the following applies: 50t (flat ring), 46t (SRAM offset ring)
Maximum 2x ring size
Clearance depends on crank & chainring model. 2mm space is required. For most current generation cranks, the following applies:50t (outer ring), 36t (inner ring)
Rear thru-axle
142x12mm superlight Carbon-Ti X-12
Front thru-axle
100x12mm superlight Carbon-Ti X-12
Front disc rotor size
160mm only
Front brake caliper mount
Smartmount 160 system attaches flatmount caliper, without adaptor, for 160mm rotors
Front brake bolts SRAM
37mm “REAR” brake bolts for 30mm “chainstay” (SRAM part# 00.5318.005.008)
Front brake bolts Shimano
43.2mm “REAR” brake bolts for 30mm “chainstay” (Shimano part# Y8N208030)
Rear disc rotor size
140mm or 160mm
Rear brake 140mm mount
Direct mount
Rear brake 160mm mount
Use adaptor for SRAM (00.5318.018.001) or Shimano (ISMMAR160DDA)
Rear brake bolts SRAM (140mm & 160mm disc)
2x 27mm (SRAM part# 00.5318.005.004)
Rear brake bolts Shimano (140mm & 160mm disc)
2x 33.2mm (Shimano part# Y8N208010)
MultiStop internal system
1x & 2x mechanical, Di2, eTap (eTap only included in U.P.P.E.R. frameset)
Integrated IS42/28.6 | IS52/40 (part# BAA0094K & BAA0695K)
27.2mm diameter, standard set-up zero-offset
Cage mounts
Seattube, downtube, under downtube
TT bag mount system
100mm front-post-to-headset-edge
Indoor trainer compatibility
Detailed information here
Installation information
Detailed information here
Included with frameset: Headset, seattube collar, thru-axles, 2 RD hangers, 1 FD mount, cover bolts for FD mount posts, 4 MultiStops (2x, 1x, Di2, eTap - eTap only included in U.P.P.E.R. frameset), cable exit stop, BB guide, cable liners, noise-reduction foam sleeves, bottle cage bolts, manual





rider height¹ (cm) 157-170 168-180 178-191 188-201
stack 522 551 580 604
reach 365 376 387 401
standover² 743 767 791 815
headtube angle 69.5° 71.0° 72.5° 72.5°
headtube length 105 130 155 180
fork offset 50 50 50 50
seattube length 520 540 560 580
seattube angle 72.5° 72.5° 72.5° 72.5°
seattube angle (norm.³) 74° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
toptube length 528 549 570 591
toptube length (norm.³) 514 540 560 581
BB drop 70 70 70 70
front center 592 598 604 622
rear center 420 420 420 420
wheelbase 1002 1008 1014 1032